ٰThirtieth Annual Conference 2020

Dear Friends,

Due to the current pandemic and restricted instructions, registration for 2020 conference is delayed until Monday April 27th

With great enthusiasm, the Association of the Friends of Persian Culture invites you to the 30th annual conference.  This year's conference starts on Thursday, September 3, and ends late Sunday night, September 6, 2020.  The Conference is held at the Renaissance Hotel in Schaumburg, located in West Chicago suburb.  The conference registration starts on Monday, March 23, 2020.   You can visit our website and complete your registration.  To receive a student-specific rate, students must submit a copy of their student ID to the association's office and register through this office.   

To register, you can contact the office of Association during business hours between 9 AM to 5 PM, Chicago time, at (847)853-7895, or (847)853-7896.

Like the past years, the room reservations in the Renaissance Hotel for groups who have priorities are as follows:

1. Individuals 80 years or older: Such individuals must submit a copy of their driver’s license, passport, or other forms of identification.

2. Individuals with disabilities: A valid certificate of disability or a note from the individual’s personal physician affirming his/her disability must be submitted.

3. Families with children younger than 6 years of age: A copy of the birth certificate or other forms of identification for the children is required.

These three groups must complete their registration and submit the required documentation to the Association Office beginning Monday, March 23rd through Friday, April 23, 2020.  You may send your documents via email to friendsofpersianculture@gmail.com or by fax (847)440-9044.

Name of those who are deemed eligible will be given to the hotel for a reservation for one room at the Renaissance Hotel.  Rooms that are available to attendees through this system are not transferable to other friends.  Also, the amount of the one-night stay in the hotel will be withdrawn from the applicant's account, and if the room is canceled, this amount is not refundable

Room Reservation for the rest of the participants starts on Friday, May 1, at 9  a.m., Chicago time. The main phone number for the hotel renaissance reservation is (866)204-0549. Please remember that this year the amount of the one-night stay will be withdrawn from the applicant's account, and if the room is canceled, this amount is not refundable.

More information about the conference programs can be found on the next few issues of the American Baha'i.

Association’s email address:  Friendsofperisanculture@gmail.com

Phone Number: (847)853-7896

We hope to see you all at the 30th conference of the Association in Schaumburg, Illinois. 

 Association of Friends of the Persian Culture

Welcome to the Association of Friends of Persian Culture


2020 Conference

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