In 1991, The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States, established the Association of Persian Culture and Literature, with the goal of promoting Persian arts and culture. Later, this entity was named “Association of the Friends of Persian Culture.”

The Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Its budget derives from registration fees and individual’s tax deductible contributions as well as income from sales of books and other gift items at the bookstore.

The Association's voluntary Board members are: Dr. Fuad Ziai, Mrs. Guitty Ejtemai, Mrs. Hermien Hoveydai, Mrs. Jaleh Khadem, Mr. Kambiz Mobini, Ms. Nooshin Agahi, Mrs. Gita Nabili, Mr. Mehran Bashiri, and Mr. Omid Milani.

The main objectives of the Association are:

  • Assisting individuals of Iranian descent to stay in touch with, and gain a deeper understanding of the cultural, artistic and literary heritage of Iran.
  • Encouraging children, youth and young adults of Iranian descent living abroad to familiarize themselves with, and gain a deeper appreciation of Persian arts, literature and culture.
  • Helping English speaking friends and family members to gain an appreciation of Persian culture.
  • Promoting systematic and comprehensive study of Persian arts, culture and history.
  • Creating dialogue in a loving, respectful and friendly atmosphere amongst Iranians with different religions, ethnicities and ideologies.
    • The presentations by scholars and other participants in these sessions reflect the personal and or academic views and opinions of the presenters and are not necessarily endorsed by the Association. The organizers hope that all discussions are conducted in a spirit of good will and respect for the views of others, leading to bonds of friendship and tolerance and greater familiarity with the precious heritage of the blessed land of Iran.